Set in the mountains with a view overlooking the lake Savalen, the sauna will serve three existing cabins on the site. During six warm summer weeks, my friends and I built a sauna in beautiful surroundings. One accesses the sauna walking along an existing rock cliff, arrving in between the two small volumes. The first volume holds a fireplace for the ritual of changing clothes and relaxing, while the other volume is the sauna room. They  both feauture generous windows facing the view, angled in a way to make you feel privacy and calmness despite the three cabins located on site. The project is built on point steel fundaments, to make the meeting with the landscape gentle and reversible. Local timber from the client’s own saw is used. By doing the whole process from design and building permits, to construction and building work ourselves, we learned a lot about carpenting and the importance of good detailing.
Designed and built together with Oda Renli, Dorte Narum, Karine Espedalen and Kristian Narum.

TYPOLOGY Built project
LOCATION Savalen, Norway
SUPERVISOR Andreas Gjertsen
TOGETHER WITH Oda Renli, Karine Espedalen and Dorte Narum
YEAR 2020