The project explores the architectonic potential created from thinking circular within a site, by transforming an old warehouse building into apartments on an industrial site in the village of Willisau, Switzerland. By cutting out and rearranging the concrete walls in the envelope of the existing structure, more daylight is allowed into the building and internal walls for the apartment are created. Because of two different heights of the concrete walls, a variety of spatial situations is created. Rammed earth walls made with earth from the site and cruched reused concrete becomes the divisions between the apartments. No concrete walls touch the rammed earth walls, which allows for a varied and flexible plan with movement within each apartment. The projects also explores low-tech solutions for ventilation, thermals, acoustic and air quality by working with natural cross ventilation through a central void and the use of biobased, natural materials. Instead of removing mass and adding new, is it possible to create beautiful and functional apartments using the embodied energy already existing on the site?

TYPOLOGY Transformation,  residential
LOCATION Wellisau, Switzerland
SUPERVISOR Annika Seifert, Luca Deon
YEAR 2022