Can we transform concrete structures in the world’s Arctic extremes by using natural and local materials, despite limited resource availability?The diploma thesis explores the architectural potential of a more ecological approach to tectonics.
Ressursbruket/ The Resource Hub transforms an industrial building from the 1970s in Berlevåg in Northern Norway – a concrete ruin seeking new layers in order to again be used. A resource atlas is developed as a method for mapping local resources and as a starting point for the design process.  An abandoned fish factory becomes a hub that embraces and manages several local natural resources. The project seeks to integrate theory and practice more closely and therefore co-locates workshops for small-scale production, craftsmanship education, and office ateliers. The thesis delves into the concept of gradually transforming existing buildings, allowing the construction process and building usage to evolve dynamically. Together with Jenny Fausa Torvik.

The project was awarded the DOGA Newcomer prize (DOGA-merket Nykommer)  spring 2024.
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TYPOLOGY Transformation, mixed use
LOCATION Berlevåg, Norway
TOGETHER WITH Jenny Fausa Torvik
YEAR 2023